Kelsey Hall will Forever be Known as the “Christmas Tree Girl”

Sometimes stories just make you laugh, and this one got me.

A college student at the University of Alabama received a silly Christmas tree costume from her mom as a gag. Kelsey Hall loves Christmas and being silly, so as a joke, she posted a photo on Twitter of herself in the costume, saying that she’d wear it to class for the rest of the semester if she got 1,000 retweets. Well, the internet did not disappoint, and Kelsey has been dutifully upholding her end of the promise, thanks to more than 30k retweets.

She’s been sporting it all over campus, but does take it off before entering the classroom, so she doesn’t distract her fellow students. Kelsey has become a novelty on campus, and has been asked to pose for multiple photos. Who said Twitter couldn’t make someone famous?


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