Epic Window Films: Keep Your Car Cool in Claremore

I’ve always taken tinted windows for granted. The last two vehicles I purchased, I just told the dealership to take care of it. I never thought about where the work was done.

Now I know!

Epic Window Films is the premier choice for tinting, not just in Claremore, but surrounding areas, too. Owner Ritchie Jackson has worked in the auto industry for 16 years. When he was 18, he worked for a dealership, who sent him for professional tint training.

Since then, Jackson has owned a string of tint shops and earned his title as a nationally-recognized tint trainer, teaching groups of up to 100 at a time all over the country. He currently is managing 30 tint shops in other states; he trains the owners and gets them going before letting them fly solo.

Originally from Sand Springs, Jackson has owned Epic Window Films in Claremore for three years. A few months ago, he moved to a new location at the corner of 8th & JM Davis. He was happy to move, as it allowed him to buy the building, which will be utilized not just for tinting, but for teaching, as well.

What makes Epic different? They don’t use just any window film, they are actually the manufacturer. Being that Jackson is known in the auto industry for being one of the best, it’s imperative that you know that he really, really knows his stuff, especially when it comes to his unique product. Epic has a lifetime warranty. Between the exclusivity and the warranty, Epic is the only shop around like it.

The staff at Epic is incredibly knowledgeable and always puts the customer first, helping to choose the tint best suited for the project. Jackson insists on using these traditional business practices, as they’ve served him well. It’s also important to note that while some tint shops expand into other products, thus losing quality and attention to detail, Epic is strictly tint. They specialize in it, and they know what they’re doing. Installs take 30 minutes to two hours and start at $60.

If you would like more information, stop by Epic Window Films at 610 N. JM Davis, call the office at 918-923-4884, or follow them on Facebook. 

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