Claremore Student Named ‘Area Academic Athlete of the Month’

by Austin Chadwick

Reprinted with permission from VypeBrady Priess is a player who has emerged as a guard for the Claremore Zebras basketball team who can both be a deadly shooter on the perimeter but also someone who has proven he can be the type of defender that can lock up the opponent’s best player. Priess is also a player who is reliable, always in his spot, always doing the right thing on the floor, a quality that certainly can’t be overlooked.

Claremore head basketball coach Tommy Nolan praised Priess for his work ethic and dedication.

“Brady is a great kid. He really dedicated himself to getting better this summer and got up a ton of shots. He is always a guy who is going to give his best effort no matter what the circumstances are,” Nolan said.

Brady Priess

Outside of basketball Priess also plays baseball and exhibits those same qualities on the diamond, making him a very solid player in that sport as well.

Priess also excels in the classroom with a 4.09 weighted grade point average and a 3.9 unweighted GPA. Involved in ZTV, Student Council and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Priess proves again and again his leadership qualities are second to none.

Priess said his favorite class though is U.S. History because he gets to learn about his country’s history and legacy.

For his dedication to athletics, academics and his community Brady Priess is the Claremore Academic Athlete of the Month.

by Austin Chadwick

Reprinted with permission from Vype

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