Claremore Woman Searching for Lost Dominoes

Many years ago, a Claremore man had a fun and unique hobby of making dominoes. Albert Wilson would create the dominoes and donate sets to local nursing homes, veterans hospitals, and other places where he thought they would be appreciated. He donated a set to the Claremore Fire Department in 1961.

His granddaughter, Becky Perry, has an almost complete set. She is looking for either another full set or the two pieces she is missing. She would love to have a complete set to honor her grandfather’s memory. If anyone has any, please message us and let us know!

We have included some photos from the Claremore Progress in 1964, as well as a photo of Becky’s incomplete set. According to the article, Mr. Wilson was an electrician by trade, but had to retire due to blindness in one eye. He was also a fledgling inventor, creating devices like foldaway staircases and automatic light switches.


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