Claremore Library Opens Private Study Room

The Will Rogers Library has opened a new private study room for library patrons. “We are so happy to finally be able to offer a space like this for the public.” said Library Director Sherry Beach. “One of the wonderful things about our library is the modern architectural design of a big, open floorplan. However, the drawback of that design is that sound, even a little sound, carries extremely well, which is not always ideal for a library environment. Over the years, as the library has grown busier, it became more and more apparent we needed to create a study room type area for those who come here seeking a more traditionally quiet space apart.”

The original library design did not incorporate quiet study room space. To meet this need, the library removed an area that had previously been used for storage, and renovated it to create the new Study Room.

The Study Room is intended for personal individual study, collaborative study, tutoring, etc. by individuals or small groups of up to four persons. While the Study Room is not sound proof, it does offer a more private space for patrons who either wish to avoid some of the talking that happens throughout the library, or who wish to be able to speak quietly themselves without worrying about disturbing others. “Anyone who is a regular library patron knows there are certain days of the week or certain times of day when the level of activity at the library means finding a quiet space can be a challenge, even here.” said Beach. “The new Study Room now gives our patrons a chance to reserve a quieter space if they wish”.

The Study Room is available during the library’s regular opening hours by reservation or for drop-in use on a first come, first served basis. Reservations will take priority over drop-ins. The complete Study Room use policy can be found on the Will Rogers Library website at For those interested in reserving the private Study Room, reservations may be made in person at the Circulation Desk or by phone at 918-341-1564.

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