It’s About to Get Dirty in Claremore!

I like donuts. Most people do. Valaina Cox and Bart Leber really like donuts. In fact, Bart has owned Paradise Donuts locations in Tulsa and Broken Arrow for the past several years. When the Claremore location went up for sale, Bart happened to mention it to Valaina, a frequent customer at the BA location. She said, “Let’s go look at it!” And just like that, the partnership was born.

Bart and Valaina own the Paradise location in Claremore, and now they’ve set their sights on something more daring. Dirty Dozen Donuts is slated to open in The Cornerstone in mid-February.

Dirty Dozen is so much more than donuts, but of course, there will be plenty of those available. The morning menu also includes items like a breakfast burrito, biscuits & gravy, sausage rolls, and quiche. Coffee goes well with all of those choices, and there are plenty of options on that, too. Dirty Dozen will serve coffee, lattes, and espresso, as well as cold brew, frozen coffees, and nitro. There are several flavors available to jazz it up, like vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon honey.

Let’s talk lunch! First of all, the appetizers sound incredible. I’m particularly tempted by the Bacon Wrapped Tator Tots. Spinach dip, bruschetta, and Chicken Baja Soup are also on the menu. Another choice is the Dipping Tray, which includes an assortment of crackers and cheese, chicken salad, and a selection of homemade dips. (Bart uses several of his family recipes, including the ranch and cream cheese frosting, which has been in the family for generations. He’s also created a signature sauce for everything from sandwiches to fries.)

There are quite a few “Sammich” choices, like chicken salad, turkey, ham, and my favorite, the Monte Cristo! Any sandwich can be made into a combo, adding fries and a fountain drink. Chicken strips will be a popular choice, too. Kids can choose from a gourmet grilled cheese, fancy peanut butter & jelly, or chicken strips.

But Valaina and Bart don’t think kids should have all the fun with “happy” meals. That’s why they’ve created the Adult “Smack me happy pack”. For customers 21 and older, the meal comes with a small bottle of champagne or wine, and a chef’s choice of cheese, crackers, and grapes.

So why the name Dirty Dozen? Because this shop is going to have something NOBODY else in town has…alcohol-infused donuts. That’s right! You can choose from an incredible selection of “dirty donuts,” each created by Valaina and Bart’s team of talented chefs and bakers. Sorry, kids, these are for 21 and older only. Also you can’t pick these up in the drive-thru. You’ll have to hang out in the super cool atmosphere of Dirty Dozen, enjoying an exclusive playlist by in-house dee jay “DJ Dirty” aka the general manager, Taylor Watson. There is also a patio with a fire pit!

The dirty donuts are a big deal, but Dirty Dozen also is aiming to be Claremore’s dessert destination. Remember the bakers I mentioned earlier? They’ve got a slew of other yummy creations for us to try. There will be STG gelato, carrot cake, chocolate spoon cake, cake pops, macaroons, and 10 different kinds of cookies. Dirty Dozen is also the only place in town to get a Wacky Waffle! It will be a great date spot in town; take in a movie or a walk in the park, then stop in for a delicious dessert and a glass of wine or a mixed drink!

Speaking of alcohol, Dirty Dozen is also taking it one step further by being the only place in the state where customers can get a Fro-Beer. Basically, it’s a beer with a dollop of frozen beer on top, which keeps your beverage icy cold from beginning to end. This treat will be perfect for the Oklahoma summertime, when Dirty Dozen plans on having tons of themed events and outdoor parking lot parties.

One last thing that Dirty Dozen will offer that’s outside of the box is Kombucha…on tap! The benefits of Kombucha include boosts to your immune system, digestive health, probiotics, aid with stomach and joint issues, and more. “Do you booch?”

The shop will also be hosting parties for kids, where they can decorate their own (non-alcoholic) donuts. Additionally, you can book a party to be held at Dirty Dozen and purchase the one-of-a-kind, nearly 6-foot long party board, covered with an assortment of desserts and an appetizer. Bring your friends to help eat it, for just $49.99!

Many special events are in the works, so be sure to follow Dirty Dozen on facebook. Stay tuned to moreClaremore for an official opening date…it’s soon, friends! See you on the patio!

Dirty Dozen Donuts is located at 609 S. Brady in The Cornerstone.

-MCM Staffer Ashley,
who’s really excited about 
bacon tots, and homemade ranch,
and drunken donuts, and Fro-Beer…
okay, ALL of it! 

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