Your Mr. Claremore 2018 is….

Mr. Claremore 2018 is in the books. Nine students competed in this fun “pageant” of style, grace and hidden talents.

As a judge, the category that can make or break a contestant is talent. There was a wide range of talent that included standup comedy and country swing dancing. Entertaining the crowd is important and I always award the most points for originality and actual preparation.

This year was a close race between the top three spots. Tyler Loersch came in third, he played electric guitar and sang a Blink 182 song that ended with thunderous applause from the students and parents alike.

Playing an original song, Seth Monahan took the second place spot. His multi-instrumental playing of the acoustic guitar and harmonic was another crowd pleaser.

At the end of the day when all three categories Best Dressed, Introductions and Talent were all complied, Joshua Black took home the crown (Trucker hat). His suave style mixed with his ability to speed paint a Claremore Zebra locked down the competition. 

It was my third year judging the competition and it never disappoints. Congrats to all the participants for having the guts to get out there in front of the entire school and show off!

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