Flo’s Burger Diner: Fresh Food and Full Bellies

Want to know my odd claim to fame? I have never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger. There’s no real reason for this, other than I like chicken. But I think the main point is, if I’m going to eat a burger, I want it to be a GOOD burger. Hot, fresh, thick, and delicious.

I recently had the opportunity to eat at Flo’s Burger Diner in Catoosa. I’ve heard friends rave about it, but I just never made it in. Wow, am I glad I tried it out!

My husband and I went for lunch on a Friday. The place was packed! We were worried that we wouldn’t have a place to sit, but the tables rotated pretty quickly, so we only waited less than five minutes before snagging a booth.

One thing you’ll notice about Flo’s is the energy when you walk in the front door. We were greeted by several employees from behind the counter with a chorus of “Hello” and “Welcome to Flo’s!” The next thing you’ll notice is the fun 50s vibe, thanks to the large photographs of icons like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, as well as the jukebox playing on the wall. We approached the counter to order and at first, we were a little unsure, as is the case when you try a new place. But the cashier was friendly and informative, and answered all of our questions. We chose two different burgers, which just happened to also be the two most popular menu items. I went with a Bomb Burger, which was two patties with jalapeño cream cheese, bacon, and cheese on a homemade bun. Hubby chose the BBQ Cheddar Bacon burger, stacked with bacon, cheese, and fried onion strings. He tried both and proclaimed his choice the favorite, although he liked the Bomb Burger, too. We split a generous order of bacon cheese fries, the perfect addition to the Pepsi products served by Flo’s. Also, hand-cut fries are my FAVORITE, so I was ecstatic to see them in my little red basket.

Everything at Flo’s is made fresh daily, from the ranch to the buns. Absolutely nothing is frozen. The meat is all ground fresh each and every day, and when they run out, they’re out.

We had a chance to talk to owner Brandy Adkins after we stuffed ourselves on our burgers and fries. She started Flo’s four years ago. Inspired by her dad, Floyd, who loved to cook all kinds of food with an emphasis on freshness, she has always enjoyed cooking for friends and family. “My dad cooked everything from Japanese to good, old-fashioned country food,” Brandy said. “So as a kid, I was exposed to all different cuisines.”

As far as the 50s theme, that’s a nod to Brandy’s mom, Floette. With family names like Floyd and Floette, along with grandma Flora, it was easy to come up with the name “Flo’s.” For Brandy, it’s a way to acknowledge the three most influential people in her life.

What makes Flo’s different than other burger joints? Brandy instantly acknowledges that it’s the customer service. All of the employees are friendly and greet every single customer, and wish them farewell as they head out the door with full bellies. The kitchen and grill are exposed, so you can watch Brandy and her team as they cook up your order hot and fresh.

Now, if you haven’t been to Catoosa, that’s okay, because a second Flo’s Burger Diner is opening in Tulsa! Brandy is launching a new restaurant at 2604 E. 11th, with an expected opening scheduled for mid-March. The new Flo’s will have an identical concept and menu, but it will be larger and have double the seating, so it’s more welcoming for larger groups.

The Catoosa location is at the corner of 193rd and Admiral, 19322 E Admiral Pl. Hours are 11a – 2:30p Monday and Tuesday, 11a – 8p Wednesday – Friday. They are closed Saturday and Sunday. The Tulsa store WILL be open on Saturdays!

Be sure to follow Flo’s on facebook because you can enter to win the weekly Burger Lotto…that means FREE Flo’s food, and you can’t go wrong with that!

-by MCM Staffer Ashley,
who knows a good burger…
and this is a GREAT burger!

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