GoFundMe is Not a Plan

Loving what you do makes getting up in the morning and going to work much easier. I want to share an experience I had this week.

This week I got the chance to work with a young couple (remain nameless) for whom we recently wrote a farm policy. On this follow-up appointment, they wanted to discuss their financial goals and future. They are currently in their mid- to late twenties. We ended up discussing insulating and protecting their income along the way to ensure they could contribute to their financial goals plus protect their family along the way. Our scheduled one hour meeting turned into more than two hours, discussing options and learning what was important to them. We still didn’t get to everything they wanted to discuss, but will soon follow up and continue to build on these plans.

I found this young family very impressive for multiple reasons. One, they slowed down enough to be responsible adults and think about their financial future. Two, they each worked hard to provide for their young family, one as a nurse and one as a business owner (maybe I related to this). I greatly respect the hard work and hustle of these two. Third, they reached out to gain insight into financial matters they didn’t fully understand. Fourth and finally, they took action to putting some great protection in place for their family. I don’t get to see this every day.

Whether it be liability insurance or protecting your family financially if something happened to you, having a solid plan is our own responsibility. I encourage you to take a few minutes to consider these things, get some coaching from an expert (not just a rep or salesperson, someone that cares), and take action. In most cases, you 3 options. 1, self insure by being independently rich, inherit a trust fund, or win the lottery. 2, take action with a licensed professional to build a plan and take responsibility. OR 3, place the burden on yourself, your friends, and your family. GoFundMe is not a plan. And your kids or spouse are not going to be like “Dad, I’m so glad we have that ski boat and huge house, because that is really going to help us”… If we get sued, you get sick or injured, pass unexpectedly, etc….

Once again it was a sigh of relief to work with this young family that was going to put a plan together, take responsibility, and not wait for someone else to cover their lack of planning someday. Great work, folks!

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-by Grant Gingerich
Grant Gingerich State Farm

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