We’ve got the ‘Right Choice’ for Roofing in Claremore

Roofs are one of those things we take for granted. I mean, until it starts leaking or the shingles blow off. I recently met Billy Jones, owner of Right Choice Roofing, and he explained a lot about the roofing business and how it works. I’ll do my best to explain it to you, friends.

Originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas, Billy ended up in Green Country after serving in the military and attending the University of Tulsa. He spent time in the Army as a combat engineer, and he’d worked as a part-time roofer and handyman since his teen years, so the Land Management degree at TU was a natural fit. It combined engineering, finance, and geology, and he loved it. He continued working as a roofer while he went to school. Upon graduation, he landed a job at Williams…and then was laid off.

In 2005, Oklahoma was ravaged by storms, and there was plenty for a roofer to do. Billy ended up being incredibly busy, so he decided to work for himself and started Right Choice Roofing in 2008. You can’t get laid off if you’re the boss! Plus, it allowed him flexibility to spend time with his daughters, now ages 11 and 6.

In the past 10 years, Right Choice Roofing has grown from a one-man show to Billy and two full crews. His work ethic is strong and his goals are to speak to every customer personally AND treat them right. He’s also on every job site. His workload is steady and it’s all from word-of-mouth and referrals.

Now, for the extra technical roofing part.

Billy uses Malarkey roofing products, which he buys exclusively from Pixley Lumber, right here in Claremore. In fact, he’s got Paul Pixley on the calendar for a new roof in a few weeks. Roofs can need replacing for two reasons: either natural age and wear and tear, or a big hairy storm. Hail and wind are the main factors.

Right Choice Roofing can install a complete roofing system, including the starter strip, underlayment, and impact resistant shingles. Honestly, I kind of got lost in the terminology. That’s what I’ve got, friends. Oh, he did say something about Class 3 and 4 resistant roofs, which save you money on your insurance premiums.

Here’s the important part: Right Choice offers free inspections after a storm to determine if you need a new roof. Then they’ll walk you through the claims process; they work with a LOT of insurance companies, so they know what they’re doing.

You can also sign up for the maintenance program; for just $250 per year, Right Choice will check your roof as often as you like, just to keep ahead of the game. You have your cars maintained with regular check-ups, so why wouldn’t you have your house kept up to date?

Right Choice Roofing works on both residential and commercial projects. Some local commercial jobs include Hammett House, Claremore First, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the VFW. The company was recently awarded the Super Service Award 2017 on Angie’s List, too.

For more information, follow Right Choice Roofing Oklahoma on facebook or on the web at RightChoiceRoofingOK.com. And they even accept bitcoin. How’s that for cutting edge?

-by MCM Staffer Ashley


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