At Least My Nails Look Good


AKA: Confessions of a non-fashion blogger.

I’ve always been an “accessories” kind of girl.

I love lipstick. It makes me feel good, even if I have no other makeup on. It’s fun and spunky and I can choose colors based on my mood or the season. Even when I haven’t washed my hair, I can throw on lipstick and feel somewhat put together.

I love most jewelry, but I especially loooove earrings. I feel completely naked without them. Even when I work out, I have to wear studs. I never get tired of buying earrings. I want all the pairs.

I love nail polish. Much like I feel super weird without earrings, I cannot, and will not, if I can help it, ever have non-painted toenails in public. For the few minutes between color changes, I feel like my feet don’t even belong to me because they look so odd without color. I used to paint my finger nails obsessively, too. We’re talking a few hour commitment a couple times a week and literally hundreds of bottles of nail polish. Since shellac was invented, I have a much simpler nail life, thank goodness. And I’ve also learned to embrace bare nails from time to time, so that helps.

Hats, glasses, scarves, watches etc. Basically, I’ll have all the accessories, please.

I think my love for accessories stems from a few things.


I have never had excessive money to spend on clothes, and if I did, I’m not sure I would. I’ve never been able to justify in my head spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on new clothes. I’m still wearing the same rain jacket I bought straight out of college in 2009. I buy a new pair of running shoes every year and maybe a pair or two of dress shoes per year. An occasional top or dress. But I legit have clothes in my closet from ten years ago. Spending $50 on a top makes me cringe, but accessories – $12 earrings, $8 nail polish, $15 lipstick. It’s a reasonable treat I can enjoy over and over again.


Accessories always fit. I’ve always envied the girls who can order clothes online or buy something without trying it on. I’ve accepted that this will never be me. With accessories, I don’t have to spend hours hunting for a pair of earrings that will look good on me. I don’t have to find the right size of lipstick or check out my nail polish from every angle in a dressing room mirror (which I think we can all agree are the absolute worst).


As much as I want to, I do not understand fashion. I never have. I’m always at least a year behind when it comes to embracing fashion trends. Except for that one time I got fully on board with gaucho pants (because holy comfortable), but I think we can all also agree those were a huge mistake.

I find clothes to be confusing and difficult, and generally overpriced and uncomfortable. Most fashion bloggers I follow baffle me. They’ll have a thousand comments about how cute their outfit is, meanwhile I’m thinking, “Really? That’s hideous! I don’t get it!”

But I guess we all have our things, right? And by no means am I judging those who love fashion and clothes and shopping – it’s just not MY thing.

So, I accessorize.

Because I may not know how to buy clothes that work in my favor, but at least my nails look good.

-by Hayley Westwood


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