Claremore’s Newest Restaurant is FABULOUS

You all know how excited we’ve been for Doe’s Eat Place to open its doors in Claremore. They officially did just that on June 4. Located in the historic Will Rogers Hotel (next to Frosted), Doe’s offers nightly dinner service with a smile.

Proprietor Betty Watowich is new to the Claremore area, having relocated here from Arkansas last summer. Doe’s Eat Place is her favorite restaurant, and since there wasn’t one in the area, she decided to open her own. Read our original story about how Doe’s came to be HERE. 

I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Doe’s twice so far, and it’s been fabulous both times. Of course, the hand-cut steaks are the star of the show, available in various cuts and sizes (up to THREE POUNDS!). Both of my steaks have been a perfectly cooked medium rare, so tender I didn’t even need a knife. The hot tamales are a Doe’s staple since 1941, and they are served with a side of homemade chili that is divine. Like shrimp? Doe’s has HUGE shrimp available either fried (they’re hand-battered and fantastic) or broiled. I couldn’t even tell you which one is better! That’s when you choose the half and half option!

The sides are sold separately and there are plenty of choices, like mac & cheese (no blue box in sight!), sautéed mushrooms, green beans (they taste exactly like what my Texas grandmother used to make), roasted sweet potatoes, and garlic-parmesan mashed cauliflower. Steaks are accompanied with boiled red potatoes. Oh, and the French fries! They’re also hand-cut, which is my favorite kind.

I also tried the crab & corn bisque, and it was delicious. I don’t eat salad, so I can’t vouch for that, but I can speak highly of the fry bread that’s served with the meal. I wondered what the honey on the table was for, and now I know.

There are plenty of other menu items that I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet, and I can’t wait to work my way through the menu. Doe’s serves both Pepsi and Coke products, and a full bar is available.

Reservations are recommended; call (918) 923-7042 to make yours. If no answer, leave a message and you’ll get a call back. Hours are 5p – 9p, Monday – Saturday.

For those worried about the lack of street parking, space is available in the RCB Bank lot across the street.

-MCM Staffer Ashley,
who’s impatiently awaiting the arrival 
of the cabernet chocolate ice cream!

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