A Gift-Giving Guide for Good

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Happy holidays! I’ll be honest with you. I don’t necessarily love the idea of giving gifts for things like Christmas or birthdays, because it sometimes feels more like an obligation than an act of love. BUT, I do love giving for the sake of giving. And if that coincides with holidays and birthdays, then so be it. I’ve found that since moving far away from friends and family, I’ve really upped my love language of gift giving. I think since I can’t practice acts of service or quality time like I could before, this is my way of showing people I still love and think of them often.

My preference is to give “experience” gifts rather than material items, because I prefer the idea of making memories over having things. Experiences likes concert tickets, sporting events, theater tickets, a weekend getaway with friends. But these things can often be expensive and not in the budget when you have tons of people to buy for!

So with that, I have a few ideas for holiday gifts in case you’re looking for the perfect thing for the ones you love!


Reading is extremely high on my list of favorite things, and kids who read often, and early, are proven to do better in school and life! So, my all-time favorite gift for kids everywhere is BOOKS! And not just any books, I like the customizable ones. The ones that make the kids and their families part of the story. Here are my two favorites!

  • Wonderbly – tons of stories to choose from now, but I started with “The Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name.” Throughout the book, the child goes on adventure, picking up letters along the way to ultimately spell out their name. Whimsical and fun!
  • Hooray Heroes – this book is full of short-story adventures about your kiddo! Really fun for kids, customizable with hair, eye, and skin color! Add a sibling for even more customization. These books are a delight and full of adorable illustrations! (Current deal:order by Friday, November 30, for free delivery by Christmas!)


  • Pioneer Woman Cookbooks – Seriously, you cannot go wrong with a Pioneer Woman recipe. I’ve never made a single thing of hers that didn’t turn out excellent. Now, if you’re looking for health foods, just go ahead and walk away. But if you want delectable family treats and show stopping foods for your next event, check her out. The first book (linked above) is still my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of them! Also, don’t forget to shop Amazon Smile for a portion of your proceeds to go to one of thousands of eligible charities!
  • Surprise Gift Co. – I’ve written about them before, but I just love these well-thought-out gift boxes, which the women at SGC are always updating and creating for new occasions! I love that their background is rooted in spreading God’s love, and I think this is just such a fun way to do it! Plenty of curated boxes to choose from for men and women alike! (Best part? This company was founded by two fellow Okie women!)


  • Coffee for a Cause! I recently discovered two awesome coffee companies that benefit great causes.
    • Fire Department Coffee – 10% of all proceeds benefit ill or injured firefighters. What better way to support the first responders putting their lives at risk for us every day?! Haven’t tried it yet, but getting ready to purchase this bourbon blend for the hubs and I to try! (Current deal: 25% off and free shipping sitewide on orders $50 or more!)
    • Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.  20% of all proceeds go directly to dog rescue organizations with the hope of giving second chances (and a quality life!) to rescue dogs. Hi, I’m sold.

-by Hayley Peck Westwood
My Life, Elevated

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