Club Tan: Claremore’s Elite 24/7 Hot Spot

Back in my high school days, hitting up the local tanning salon after school was a daily event. It was every girl’s goal to see just how pronounced that Playboy bunny sticker outline on her hip could get. In 1996, Club Tan opened in the Surrey Center on Blue Starr. It was conveniently located near the high school, it had the best and hottest beds, and the proprietor, Tony Boyd, was a super nice guy who remembered every customer. (Y’all, Tony still remembers everyone who worked for him back in the 90s. It’s impressive.)

After a few years, Tony purchased another tanning salon in town, doing some remodeling and purchasing new equipment before opening the Club Tan satellite location at 100 S. Davis, sandwiched between El Banquete and Shear Delight.) He has since closed the Blue Starr location after dealing with some family issues, and now solely operates the S. Davis location.

Here’s what’s neat about Club Tan: it’s open 24 hours. Clients pay $10 for an access card, which allows entry at any time of the day or night. Tony is focused on safety, which is why the door locks immediately upon entry or exit. The parking is also located just steps from the front door and the entrance is well-lit. 24-hour convenience means you likely won’t get stuck waiting during peak times; you can go tan when it’s the best time for you! If you need help from an employee to pay or make purchases, there is someone there Monday – Friday from 10:30a – 5:30p and Saturday from 10:30a – 3p.

Club Tan features three standard beds and one stand-up bed. The beds are simple to operate and guarantee a great tan and a healthy glow! Spray tanning will be here soon, just in time for prom!

Clients need to bring their own eyewear, for hygiene reasons (it’s only $3.25 to buy a pair from Tony). Club Tan also has an incredible inventory of lotions, including brands like Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, White2Black Extreme, and Brown Sugar. There’s a variety of sizes and price points.

Prices for tanning are competitive and affordable. One month unlimited is just $50, two months is $95, and three months is $125. If you choose to sign up for a one-year contract and auto-debit your account, you just pay $35.95 per month for UNLIMITED golden bronze skin. That’s a pretty good deal, friends. Club Tan offers a 10% discount for students and teachers.

Tony Boyd is from Claremore, and he’s been a loyal business owner here for 23 years. He runs a great salon and it’s always nice to be treated like a friend.

If you have questions about Club Tan, stop by during regular business hours or call 918-343-CLUB (2582) For after-hours assistance, call 918-565-7247. Be sure to follow Club Tan on facebook to keep up with the latest specials!

Keep it local, Claremore!

-by MCM staffer Ashley,
who was really excited
to see that Playboy
bunny stickers are still
a thing

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