Summer Family Bucket List: You’re Welcome

Summer is in full swing now, and it’s probably getting harder to think of fun activities for the kids each and every day. So we found this list and we thought we’d pass it on. Hopefully it’ll be helpful!

Go to the zoo.
Have a “yes day.” (Probably set some limits in advance, so you don’t end up at Disneyland for the afternoon).
Go out for ice cream.

Visit the splash pad. (Claremore has splash pads at Will Rogers Park and Claremore Lake!)
Have a water balloon fight.
Have a picnic in the park. (Claremore has plenty of picnic spots at Claremore Lake, Will Rogers Park, Lions Park, RSU Nature Reserve…)
Go see a movie as a family. (If you haven’t been to the newly remodeled B&B Theaters Claremore Cinema 8, you should. They have fancy reclining chairs and a bar now!)
Let the kids stay up late.
Take a weekend road trip.

Make a homemade treat.
Go hiking. (Check out the RSU Nature Reserve or the Claremore Mountain Bike Trails for this!)
Go bowling with the family. (The Lanes at Coffee Creek in Owasso has a FREE Bowling for Kids program!)
Have a pajama day.
Take a trip to the farmers market. (RoCo Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning in Lynn Riggs Park from 8a – 1p.)

Go garage sale hopping. (moreClaremore posts the lists of garage sales each week to save you time and trouble!)
Have a family game night.
Have a movie marathon.
Take a day trip somewhere new.
Eat a snow cone. (Try Patsy’s Sno-Cones, Frosty Bites, LH Southern Snoballs or Joe’s Sno Shack. Better yet, try them all!)

Explore your city. (We’ve got more museums per capita than any other city. Visit the lake, the trails, the library, historic downtown…or you could take a short drive to Totem Pole Park or the Blue Whale!)

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