Claremore Library Offers “Library of Things” Just in Time for the Holidays

The Will Rogers Library is now letting patrons check out items like novelty baking pans, themed cookie cutters, and more!

“Many libraries across the country have started adding what is called a ‘Library of Things’, different objects people might want to use for a single use, or try out to see if they want to purchase,” said Library Director Sherry Beach. “We’ve been watching this trend for a while, and wondering if we should give it a try. When various foodie websites and magazines such as Town and Country began publishing articles on how many libraries were checking out novelty cake pans, we knew that based on the popularity of our cookbooks – especially the baking books – this would be a good fit for us!” said Beach.

“A Library of Things lets library customers check out quality items they may not be able to, or simply don’t want to, spend money on themselves. It’s a way to try something new for free, and have fun with it,” Beach added. The startup collection includes pumpkin (3-D and flat) and skeleton pans just in time for Halloween, a teddy bear, pony/unicorn, 3-D train, race car, baby bottle, dinosaur, Elmo, airplane, and Dora the Explorer. Cookie cutters for the holidays, as well as alphabet, numbers and shapes are also available, as are display items like a cake stand and cupcake stand. Watch for more novelty and holiday-themed items to be added in the near future.

“It just goes to show that you never know what you’ll find in the library….but you know it will be fun! Visit the Will Rogers Library Facebook page or the website at for more information on these and other happenings at the library. There’s always something worth checking out!”

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