A Message from Capital Roofing LLC: Shop Local

A message from Tim Nichol:

Hello Claremore. I own Capital Roofing LLC and I would love to earn the business of all of you nice folks here in town. We have been in business in Claremore for 9 years and love this community. As a result of all of the roofing activity from the hailstorm I am asking my customers to be patient. I am working day and night to make sure we get everyone taken care of and provide quality service. Don’t be bullied by some of these out of town companies that are “storm chasing” for business.

I’m advising everyone right now to please make a sign that says “no roofing solicitors” and put it up on your door. Meleah Meadows handles our insurance supplements and will be calling back most of my missed calls. Meleah will put you on our list and we will get to you ASAP. Please bear with me and please keep your business local. Give us a call today 918-260-4075.

Thank you,

Tim Nichol – Owner/Operator Capital Roofing LLC

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