City of Claremore Offers Tips on How to Safely Drain Pools, Hot Tubs

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Spring is upon us and with spring comes the time to prepare for summer. For those residents with pools, this means draining and cleaning the pool. Before you embark on your pool cleaning adventure, please read the following.

It is illegal to dispose of pool water contaminated with chlorine or other substances into the storm sewer system.

There are two options for disposing of pool and hot tub water:

1.) Disposal into the sanitary sewer system

  • Discontinue adding chlorine and other chemicals three days before disposing of the water into the cleanout in your yard.
  • Pool water must meet current ordinances for sanitary sewer disposal.

2.) Disposal onto your property

  • Discontinue adding chlorine and other chemicals at least 72 hours before draining onto your property. Make sure there is no chlorine and that pH is near 7.
  • Be aware that some chemicals and salt water can damage plants and soil. So you will want to make sure that your discarded pool water won’t damage your or your neighbor’s favorite plants or yard.

The chemicals in pool water are designed to kill pathogens and prevent living things from growing in your pool. If the water is disposed of improperly, it has the potential to harm our lakes, rivers, and even the sewage treatment plant. Following the guidelines listed above will make the disposal process legal and less likely to result in issues with the city or your neighbors.

For more information on proper pool water disposal and other pollution prevention strategies, please click HERE. 

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