Claremore’s Most Unique: The Belvidere Mansion

Reprinted with permission from The Odyssey. 

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The Belvidere Mansion is a unique historical destination in Claremore, Oklahoma.

If you are from Claremore, Oklahoma, then you may know there are several historical places that make Claremore unique. From the Will Rogers Memorial to the J.M. Arms and Historical Museum, Claremore is packed with history. One of my favorite places in Claremore is the Belvidere Mansion.

Between 1902–1907, the Bayless family built the historic Victorian style home known as the Belvidere Mansion. If you live in Claremore then I am sure you have heard of, seen, or even had lunch at the Belvidere Mansion before. But if you have not, you must experience one of the most unique attributes of Claremore. Many find the Victorian gothic-style brick home to be intriguing, but the myth of ghosts that reside in the house seem to catch many people’s attention. But I will leave that open to one’s own interpretation.

The Belvidere changed owners all throughout the 1900s, and during that time it began to deteriorate. By the 1990s, the Rogers County Historical Society took ownership and restored the mansion to its original glory. The Belvidere is three stories high and includes a gift shop, tea room, ballroom, and is packed full of historic furnishings. The historic furnishings are what makes the Belvidere so unique. Each beautiful piece of furniture has a story to tell. The antique piano could have been played during numerous dinners while being admired by countless people or the antique crib where any of Mrs. Bayless’ children could have fallen fast asleep. 

There are so many beautiful pieces of historic furnishings that almost act as an art piece, an art piece that should be admired and kept well taken care of. I believe that is my favorite part about the Belvidere—so many pieces are works of art and deserve to be admired. It is so rare to find so many pieces of furniture that have belonged in the same home for more than 100 years.

But besides the beauty that resonates within the house, the Belvidere is also known for its beautiful landscape and architecture. During the spring and summer months, the Belvidere garden is glistening when the flowers begin to efflorescence. On a beautiful spring day, I encourage you to walk around the Belvidere yard and have lunch on a table outside. There is something so relaxing about having some hot tea and soaking in the sun at the Belvidere on a spring day. Visit the Belvidere and ask for a table outside—you won’t regret it.

The Belvidere offers lunch from 11–2 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. They serve cold beverages to hot teas, soups, salads, sandwiches, and delicious desserts. The Tea Room is also a great place to host special events. From weddings and baby showers to birthday parties, the Belvidere hosts the perfect spot for a unique experience. The Belvidere Mansion is one of the most historical and unique places to shop, tour, and eat at in Claremore. For more information on the Belvidere Mansion, visit their website to learn more about its history.

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