A Special Breed of Teachers

In the spirit of “back to school” season, let’s take a look at some teachers who took the classroom to a new level. In some way, at least. Happy “back to school!”

Having fun with testing:



“Dog Shaming” is a thing, so why not “Quiz Shaming”?



It’s wise not to fall asleep in class. enhanced-buzz-32555-1369822845-6

What an optimist. enhanced-buzz-31420-1369823081-10

More fun with testing:enhanced-buzz-30859-1369822981-4

I would have loved homework like this when I was in school!

enhanced-buzz-28413-1369822401-1 I don’t even know what to say, but this made me giggle. enhanced-buzz-22356-1369824500-3

Somebody is a Lady Gaga fan!enhanced-buzz-22350-1369823546-3

More fun with testing: enhanced-buzz-22340-1369824640-1

I had a teacher in fifth grade, Mrs. Block, who did this to us. It’s a good lesson to read directions first. enhanced-buzz-21499-1368884718-10

I wonder if this is a history teacher. enhanced-buzz-15537-1369822503-27

See, teachers are fun, too! #selfie #teachersloungeenhanced-buzz-15475-1369822008-5

Will one of my teacher friends do this, please?

Fun with yearbook photos!enhanced-buzz-11887-1369838210-9

Right on. enhanced-buzz-1633-1369824148-0 Clever. enhanced-buzz-1588-1369824562-3

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