Oklahoma’s Perfect Pies

coconutcreamOklahoma is a pie lover’s dream. Get your fix of the sweet, savory and delectable flavors of homemade pie at one of these iconic Oklahoma shops and restaurants.

Whether it’s fried, filled or baked, Oklahoma’s fascination with pie runs deep. This delicious dessert has earned a special place in Oklahoma’s heartland and even holds court as the sweet finale to Oklahoma’s official state meal. Stop by one of these Oklahoma establishments for a slice of pure paradise ranging from tried-and-true classics to Grandma’s recipe with a modern twist.

Hammett House – Claremore

Can’t Miss Flavor:  Coconut Cream

During a trip to the Hammett House inClaremore, you’ll enjoy Southern hospitality, homemade comfort food, and if you’re lucky, sweet pies featuring huge domes of meringue that have become legendary throughout the region.  Sample the Hammett House’s coconut cream pie and discover why flakey coconut paired with a rich cream filling is a match made in paradise.  Also popular, the lemon pecan pie expertly combines the natural tartness of lemon with the sweet nuttiness of pecans.

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