Five Unknown Beauty Tips 

question markThere are many facets that contribute to an all-around good beauty experience each morning in your bathroom, and what I’d like to share with you this week are five tips that aren’t well known that can help you look and feel your best and get you out the door quicker.

1. When following a skin care regime, gels or serums always go on before creams. Now, I don’t know all the science behind this, but I do know that your skin will absorb the product faster and more effectively when you do the serums first. Many ladies go to a beauty counter, buy a skin care set, and then get home and go, “Ok, did THIS go on first, for was it THAT?” Applying this beauty tip will ensure you have at least one of your steps right.
My suggestion: Take advantage of the “try before you buy” philosophy Mary Kay has, and make sure everything “gels” the way it should with your skin (pun intended!).

2. When matching a foundation, WHERE & WHAT KIND makes all the difference in the world. All foundations, whether creamy or powder, need to be matched on your jaw line. Most of us are a different shade on our face than we are our throat area, and your jaw is the perfect blend of the two. If it’s a powder, you’ll know right away if it’s a correct shade; if it’s a cream or liquid, it’s essential you let it warm to your skin before making a judgment. You’d be amazed how the color of some foundations change in the matter of one minute when applied to your skin first. 

3. Concealer needs to be one shade LIGHTER than your foundation. The rule here is everything that is lighter will pull out, anything darker will sink in. A concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation will create the illusion that those dark circles aren’t as dark as they really are, and/or will brighten up the eye area completely. One thing I’ve learned recently is concealer can be applied before OR after foundation. I’ve always done it before to blend the foundation with it, but makeup artists do not agree on when it should be applied, so try it each way and see which routine works best for you! 
My suggestion: Mary Kay Concealer is pigmented enough to cover up tattoos! It’s legit! 

4. When doing a smoky eye or dark color eyeshadow, do eyes first, then foundation. One of my pet peeves is when my skin looks flawless from my foundation but then I use a black eyeshadow to line my eyes & the shadow falls onto my cheeks as I apply it. Then I try to wipe it off, but instead I smear it from here to kingdom come on my face! Foundation job ruined. Boo on that! Prevent that by doing your eyeshadow first, then your foundation. Voila! Black eye avoided.
My suggestion: Use Mary Kay’s eyeshadow in Coal for the perfect smoky eye. 

5. Let mascara dry! Are you like me and even after applying mascara on a near-daily basis for, oh I don’t know, 13 years, you still get mascara on your eyelid or up under your eyebrow – or like me, on the side of your nose (seriously!?)? The easiest solution is sometimes the most simple: let the mascara dry. I can’t tell you how many ladies I’ve seen lick their finger or a q-tip & then drag that mascara alllllll over the place and ruin their eye makeup. Let it dry first, take a dry q-tip, and roll it over the mascara. It’ll come right off if the the mascara is dry enough. Try it! It works! 
My suggestion: Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black. It’s a bestseller for a reason! 

Hopefully these tips will help prevent bathroom meltdowns and keep you looking like the priceless beauty you are! As always, if you’d like to try any of these products  for yourself, please let me know! My phone number and web address are below. 

Kendyl Heins


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