West Bend Green: A Whole New Experience

westbendIn a previous life, I worked for a company that made television commercials. This led to me being in front of the camera a lot. Usually it was “girl catching keys” or “customer in the background.” I’ve also been “random girl driving a truck” and “woman breathing in oxygen mask.” That being said, I’ve had my fair share of on-camera experience. What I didn’t have was radio experience. Until recently.

The idea of the West Bend Block Party on the Green is a new one. Our committee of good Claremore folks joined forces to bring this event to life. We began with sponsors in the Claremore Expo and Musician’s Haven. We got some help from volunteers from the community. This gave us a location, musicians, and bodies. What we needed was publicity.

rsuradioThanks to our weekly videos on moreClaremore, we have a relationship with Cathy Coomer at RSU Radio 91.3. She mentioned that she has a show that features local musicians. She was also willing to be a sponsor for the West Bend Block Party, and she would even publicize the event on the radio station. You know what that means? Yep, my first radio experience.

This was my first time in a recording booth, and it was pretty much like I expected: full of foam! And a couple of really large microphones. I was introduced to a radio station employee and handed a script. I figured I would need to read it multiple times to get the right timing and rhythm and attitude. Plus, I didn’t want to sound like Minnie Mouse on the air, which I knew I would. After looking over the script for a moment, I was ready to read. I launched in and read the script aloud.

And that was it. I was finished. What? That’s it? Yes.

Now, I don’t know what those smart radio folks did, but it sounded awesome. (This isn’t bragging, because it doesn’t sound like me!)

The West Bend Block Party on the Green will be held at the West Bend Green (Claremore Expo) on Tuesday, August 19th, from 6 – 9p. The event is FREE to attend and is open to the community. Several food trucks and vendors will be in attendance. Enjoy a delicious dinner from In the Raw, Eat Mike’s BBQWings on Fire, 2 Chefs on Wheels or The Dog House. For dessert, we’ll have kettle corn, funnel cakes, Kona Ice and Mod’s Coffee & Crepes.

Plenty of local vendors, including boutiques like Vintique CharmThe District on Main, KAMA Abstract Art, Crystal Pistols and Homeward Bound will be selling their goodies. And that’s not all of them! J&J Pharmacy, Scentsy, Harley and Maude’s, Pampered Chef…and so many others! Organizations like Musician’s Haven, The Will Rogers Park ProjectmoreClaremore.com, Northeast Technology Center and others will be in attendance, and the ZipperQ vehicles will be on display.

Bring lawn chairs and blankets and get ready to hear some great local music. Acts for the August event are The Post Hole Diggers, The Belonging, and Doc Fell & Co.

Follow West Bend Green on Facebook for the latest updates. And be sure to listen to sponsor RSU Radio 91.3; you might just hear the commercial! You know, the one that makes me NOT sound like Minnie Mouse.

-MCM Staffer Ashley

aka NOT Minnie Mouse



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