The Song Writing Bard

    henry hill———- THE SONG WRITING BARD———-

    Someone ask me to write a Song
    I told em it’d have to be short 
    Cause I didn’t have Long
    On a lonesome night in the Rain
    I ran off with my best friend’s wife
    And skipped town on the Southbound Train
    She left me in Nashville for a gambling Man 
    I couldn’t of cared less 
    For I’d done hooked up with in a Hippie in a 69 Van
    I ran into bad company in South LA
    And I’ll regret that
    Till my dying Day
    If I’d listened to Momma and her Advice
    I’d be living free enjoying the good life
    Having a home a car and every thing Nice
    My old friend found me looking for his Wife
    I ended his search
    With my Bowie Knife
    So I’m in a hurry my life’s about to Terminate
    Me and Folsom Prison’s Old Sparky
    Are about to keep my final Date

    -The Bard Henry Hill

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