Memorial Podcast is Famous!

podcast-10001-1024x680Jake Krumwiede and Bart Taylor have been providing the world with their wild and zany podcasts about Will Rogers and the good old days for several months now. (We post them on moreClaremore; you’re listening to them, right?!) Anyway, most of the time they hole up in the basement of the museum and tell us all about Will’s antics, from his love of baseball to his vaudeville days. Once they made a video and traveled out to the ranch and played with the donkeys.

10640999_643060325715_3566855369906425276_nTwo things are for sure: these guys love Will Rogers and they have fun teaching others about him. Their passion and creativity has not gone unnoticed, as they were acknowledged by the Oklahoma Museum Association last week. The podcast, “Bacon, Beans & Limousines,” earned an award for Outstanding Technology Media.

Way to go, boys. Keep on keepin’ on.


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