Beatboxing: I’ve Still Got It

cassetteWhen I was 10 years old, I owned a RUN DMC cassette tape and beatboxing was my passion. I wasn’t that great at it but I did it all the time. Between the constant mouth sounds and drumming on everything, I likely drove my parents to just this side of crazy.

Something about making music yourself is better than almost anything on the planet.
Just recently, my son has picked up the habit of beatboxing incessantly. I don’t mind much unless I am trying to hear something or someone else. I shoot him a look and he gets the idea. At the breakfast table last Saturday, he asked if I could make a beat and “sing” at the same time.
I had to let him know the old man still had it and proceeded to bust out a sick rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. He sat and listened, satisfied with the skills I was bringing to the table. Feels good to impress your kid, especially the older he gets.
From time to time, we goof around and sing or play music together and I don’t know if we have similar taste or if I have the mind of a 10-year-old. It might just be a guy thing. We both love beatboxing and as true amateurs, I will leave you with this professional to both astound and amaze. This guy is on a level all his own. The video may be long but it is impressive and worth a watch/listen.
Tom Thum @ TEDX Talk in Sydney 2013
-MCM Staffer Travis,
amateur beatboxer extraordinaire

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