Things I’ve Learned in Seven Weeks of Being a Mother

baby feetSince i’ve become a mom, i’ve learned a few things. i know i have a long way to go still, so i’m inviting some of you more experienced mommas to let me know what you’ve learned, too.

Since becoming a mother, i’ve learned:

1. even if i am in a windstorm 20 miles away wearing ear muffs, i, as a mother, can still hear my child cry. this does not, apparently, hold true for fathers.

2. i can change a diaper in five seconds flat.

3. the words “clean house” are completely relative.

4. why sleep deprivation is chosen as a torture method.

5. a smile at 4 a.m. goes a long way. 🙂

6. if you look at a baby long enough, you begin to see “abnormalities.” these “abnormalities” prompt you to do a google search, which in turn leads you to believe your child has a serious health problem. this puts you in a state of sheer panic, which leads to a phone call to the doctor and a long, frantic message for the phone nurse. by the time you get off the phone, whatever “abnormality” you thought you saw, has long since disappeared, which leads to a somewhat awkward conversation when the phone nurse returns your call.

7. i have a deep, abiding appreciation for showers.

8. i can eat standing up.

9. i can drive looking backwards.

10. it is possible for my heart to become so enlarged with love, to experience such emotion and complete devotion to another human being.

by Jai Wallace Tracy



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