Frustrating Things Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

Taking your disposable camera to get developed, full of excitement, only to discover that the majority of them are blurry, or just plain terrible. What a letdown.

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Having to watch The Weather Channel to get the forecast, but having to wait sooooo long because they’re busy talking about a different part of the country.

weather channel

Same goes for the TV Guide channel. It was the WORST when you just missed the channel you wanted to see, and you had to wait until it scrolled all the way around.

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Realizing you were out of blank VHS tapes minutes before “your show” is set to air. WHAT are you going to tape over?! Decisions, decisions! And then realizing that the tape you did choose wasn’t rewound.


Having to actually wait in line for concert tickets. For hours.



Getting lost, thanks to the Mapquest directions you printed out before you started your road trip. Um, that road doesn’t exist anymore. Now what?


Having to buy an entire album for just one song. And then the rest of the album was usually terrible.

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Having to use a pay phone. Period.


Watching scrambled Cinemax.


Kids today have it so easy!

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