BancFirst, Part One: Rainmaker

    photo 5BancFirst Claremore Corporate Office

    Location: 1698 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd.

    Renovation time: 18 months

    Renovation cost: $3.8 million

    Geothermal wells: 32

    Geothermal well depth: 500 ft.

    Change orders: Quite a few

    Artist photographer: Rick Buchanan

    Designer/art placement: Cindy Hollingsworth

    President and CEO: Jeff Jensen

    When Banc First began renovation in the summer of 2013, August seemed like a reasonable time to close the front entrance while drilling 30-something wells for the geothermal air conditioning. Seldom rains in August. But in August 2013, rain it did. Record rain. Nearly everyone in Oklahoma was glad to have the rain, but it posed special problems for Jeff Jensen, President and CEO of BancFirst Claremore. What should have been a minor inconvenience created a muddy mess that was to continue during much of the bank’s year and a half renovation time.

    photo 6The results, however, were pretty spectacular. The old bank didn’t look bad just standing there, but the new bank looks terrific.

    Designer Cindy Hollingsworth used photographer Rick Hollingsworth’s art to make the best use of the interior space (see BancFirst, Part Two: BancArt)

    Eighteen months, $3.8 million dollars, and countless change orders later, the place came together as Claremore’s premier banking facility.

     -Robby Melton

    rob melton



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