Motivation Monday: Become a Happier Person Today!

carrie✔BE COMMITTED – Pick a goal and commit to it! It’s through commitment that we continue to make the improvements needed to better ourselves. Whether it’s taking a look at starting a business, joining a fitness challenge or gym to become healthier, or taking a cooking class to become a chef, commitment is what drives us all to become more successful.

✔BE GRATEFUL EVERYDAY – Being grateful can result in feeling better, boosts enthusiasm and a willingness to help others. It’s also said to reduce coronary artery disease. So take time each day to think or write down what you’re grateful for each day.

✔TAKE ACTION – Researchers have discovered that confidence is just as important as competence, and it’s concluded that taking action bolsters one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed.

✔DON’T TAKE REJECTION PERSONALLY – We all face rejection at some point. Rather than taking it personally, use it as a learning experience. It is okay to have a brief pity party, but then accept it and realize it’s the next step guiding us to success – and use it as motivation to make things better!

✔TAKE CARE OF YOU, then HELP OTHERS – When we can take care of our own needs first, we are more equipped to help others. And people who volunteer tend to have higher self-esteem, psychological well-being, and overall happiness.

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-by Fitness with Carrie


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