Motivation Monday: Tips for Success

trimThis is funny…but in all reality it happens more often than not. Does this sound familiar? You start your healthy lifestyle mission, you fail and start again, you fail, get discouraged and quit.
I have a friend who would say weekly, “This is the first day of the rest of our lives!” I giggle at this because we would then see something chocolate in the workplace then all willpower was out the window. Cold turkey was not the way to go!
So how do you succeed? Here are some tips to help with your success:
1. MOST IMPORTANT! Have an accountability partner.
2. Give yourself small weekly goals.
3. Reward yourself often. (New workout pants, pedicure, pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on)
4. Have a backup snack at the play date or the workplace when those surprise treats show up.
5. Forgive yourself when you mess up.
6. When you want to slip (stress, emotions, bad day) have a backup plan, read a book, call your accountability partner, go for a walk.

Do you have any tips?
Have fun and good luck!

-Tammy Thomas

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