Claremore Library Offers Great Young Adult Selection


    Travel back in time with Annie Lockwood in Caroline B. Cooney’s The Time Travelers. This quartet comes in two volumes which include: Both Sides of Time, Out of Time, Prisoner of Time, and For All Time. When Annie Lockwood falls through time, she doesn’t expect to find love or acceptance. Then she meets Strat and she can’t help falling in love with him even as she tells herself to stay away and to not alter his life. For Strat, Annie is perfect. She’s peculiar, but she just might be his soulmate and he doesn’t want her to leave him and go back to her time. Will Time allow them to stay together? To see if their love survives, read this ebook today on Overdrive*.

    The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness is the story about an ordinary boy named Mikey. Mikey just wants to have a normal high school experience, but that’s hard to achieve when supernatural beings go to school with you and vendettas are rampant amongst the various cliques. Will Mikey get to have a normal year or will he be sucked into the supernatural war between the Immortals and the hipsters?

    * For help setting up Overdrive on your reading device, please contact the Will Rogers Library at 918-341-1564.

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