Three Rivers Donates Art Supplies to Claremore Students


Pictured: Jennifer Sams (art teacher), Ann Gunter, Jeanette Hallum, Ursula Dekle (Three Rivers), Megan Godwin (art club president), Janine Shinn (art club vice-president), Skylar Johnson (art teacher), Todd Steidley (CHS principal) 

You know that saying about asking for a favor, “all she can say is ‘no’?” Claremore senior Megan Godwin learned recently that if you ask, maybe the answer will be ‘yes.’

Megan is the president of the Claremore High School Art Club. An avid artist, she knew that the art class supplies were less than stellar, and some new items were desperately needed. She approached Ursula Dekle of Three Rivers Artists, and asked for help.

She got it.

I was invited to the high school recently to see the presentation of supplies, and wow! Three Rivers came together as a club to purchase more than $300 worth of new supplies for the young artists, and club members also donated items personally. It’s quite a haul, and the art club is ecstatic.


Donated supplies include easels, clipboards, drawing pads, charcoal and chalk sticks, brushes, palettes, and more. I’m no artist, so I’m not even sure what some of the supplies are for, but the looks on the faces of the students let me know that it’s all good.


Three Rivers provides two $400 scholarships per year to an RSU art student. The group also holds art sales in the spring and fall at the Will Rogers Library. They also participate in Art on the Hill, Lilac Days, and various other community events. Featured artists display their work in the RCB bank lobby and the Will Rogers Library.

The club meets the second Thursday of each month at the Rogers County building at 6:30p. All interested  artists are invited to join and annual fees are $20 for individual membership and $30 per family. Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age and up.

Three Rivers would like to thank their club president Jerry Emanuel, the officers and members who helped with the donation, and the administration and staff of Claremore High. Kudos to Megan Godwin for her courage in asking for help. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some fabulous art talent coming out of CHS soon!

-MCM Staffer Ashley,
who can’t draw a stick person


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