moreClaremore Musings: Fluidity and Ears


I recently found myself in an interview being asked, “What do you think has led to such positive change in Claremore in recent years?”

It didn’t take me long to come up with the answer.


I believe the simple act of listening has helped our community and accomplish many great things in 2015.

If you listen to people and their ideas, you may not have the answer, but along the way you may hear someone else with another idea and the two together can accomplish a larger goal. The two can be melded and great things happen in the community because of it.


Believe it or not, I’m a ‘path of least resistance’ kind of girl. If everyone works together, and does what they do best, you find yourself working with a team of confident professionals, and ideas that once seemed impossible are fun and successful.

In 2015, moreClaremore was able to be part of several of those ideas and see them through. The West Bend Green concert series, the Chik-fil-A coming to town, and the recent Rockin’ New Year’s Eve block party are all examples of this.

Going into 2015, moreClaremore’s plan was to stay the course and continue to grow our base. In comes fluidity.


In May, we learned that we would have to leave our home at RSU, so we started looking for a new location. In June, we purchased the North Block Common. NTC graciously hosted our offices while we renovated the space at 115 N. Missouri. On November 1st, Ashley and Travis moved into the new space.


What is this place? I’ve been asked on more occasions than not when visitors come by. Well, you see, moreClaremore needed a home, and the space was close to Melton’s, where Robert and I are based, so it was an end to a mean. Ashley and Travis would be closer to us and moreClaremore could do more with all four of us actively working together. But the North Block Common has turned into more than that.

Over the development of the project, we became fluid with our ideas. What did Claremore need out of the space? What did we need out of the space? And then the concepts started to come. We went through a fast and fervent remodel, but the end space is more than I could ever imagine.


North Block Common is now open with a meeting room that is used by many different organizations and companies. The “open office space” is open and something totally new to Claremore. When we left the Innovation Center, we saw a need for small businesses to have a business address and an affordable office space. We now have some tenants and I am confident in saying that the interaction will lead to more great things for Claremore in the future. NBC will also be the host location for all of the new Claremore Collective meetings, the new young professionals organization that I am sure will rock Claremore with more positive ideas and pursuits.

What does 2016 have in store? Oh, where is that crystal ball? moreClaremore doesn’t promise to have all the answers but we will listen and we will be fluid to continue to grow Claremore and make it an exceptional place to call home.

-by Amy Gordon






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