THIS is What We ALL Need to Hear in the New Year. Spot On.


So many new faces at the gym this morning. And here are my thoughts about it: I hope that 6 months from now or December of this same year, I still see you. And you still have that fresh look of determination on your face. I hope that this place becomes your sanctuary, that you find solace here, that you learn new things about yourself and that you accomplish things you never thought you were able.

I hope you do not look at people who have been training for years, such as myself, and become discouraged that you are far from your ideal picture of health. Use the success of others instead to inspire you to keep going. The only competition you face is yourself. Your journey is unique to you. I hope that this place becomes a form of reward, not punishment. Change your thinking from HAVING to work out, to GETTING to work out. The longterm rewards are much more important to hone your focus in on than your temporary discomfort.

I hope you ask questions and I hope you receive helpful, friendly responses. If not, smile and walk away. Some people are just self-righteous jerks. There are plenty of others with an actual sense of humility and compassion. Just remember, we have ALL been the newbie in the gym at some point!

Lastly, I hope you become a story of hope, encouragement and tenacity to someone else who needs that from you. A healthy mindset tends to create a domino effect. Once people see that you have done this and haven’t given up, someone else will set out to do the same and evoke a response from someone in their circle of influence and so on. YOU can change lives for the better and it all began when you set foot into this place. Don’t give up. Don’t let this resolution to finally be fit fade away. Keep pushing, even if it’s one step forward, two steps back. The time will pass anyway. Utilize it as a precious gift. Happy New Year and cheers to becoming your strongest, healthiest self!!

-by Rebekah Jochmans


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