OMG…These Pretzels in Claremore are the BEST THING EVER.

So today Travis and I were out goofing around working and we received a message through the moreClaremore facebook page (thank you, Carla Patterson Porter!) asking about the food truck parked outside CCC Pharmacy. Shortly after, I received a text asking the same thing. (Hi, David Steward!) Naturally, we had to do a drive-by and scope it out.

The drive-by turned into a delightful conversation and THE BEST MEAL I’ve had in a while. (Granted, my lunch every day this week has been a protein shake, but still. This was SO GOOD.)


pretzelmaddogThe truck is Breenie’Z Soft Pretzels. My first thought was, “Pretzels are really good, but who would get that for lunch?” I quickly realized my mistake as owner Brian Stutzman filled me in. Breenie’Z serves jumbo pretzels, pretzel bites, and pretzel dogs. Various toppings and dips are available. He gave us a batch of garlic parmesan pretzel bites with alfredo dipping sauce, and I’m pretty sure the angels started singing in my mouth, right there in the pharmacy parking lot. The next (loaded) question, “Do you like hot stuff?” was answered “Yes!” by both of us. For that, we were each rewarded with a Mad Dog pretzel dog. All-beef frank, jalapeños, bacon, and topped with sriracha sauce. I was hoping those angels had a fire extinguisher by the time I was finished, but the garlic parmesan bites cooled it right down.

pretzelgarlicPart of the winning formula is that all pretzels are made from scratch, on site, with fresh, all-natural ingredients including real butter. Next time, I’m totally trying the Breenie’Z Butter Cream Frosting (it’s their own creation, as is the pretzel recipe).

Brian and his crew hail from Pryor, where they have already created quite the buzz. Today was their first day in Claremore, and they plan on setting up at CCC every Thursday for lunch. We want them to keep coming back, Claremore!

Get a FREE pretzel! Visit the Breenie’Z website and you’ll see the Breenie’Z Chasers keyword…be one of the first  15 folks to the Breenie’Z truck on that day and say, “I’m a Breenie’Z Chaser and the keyword is >>>>.” And you’ll get a FREE Big Boy pretzel!

pretzelbrianTrust me. This girl wouldn’t lie about food.

Follow Breenie’Z on facebook, Twitter, or visit them on the web.

-MCM Staffer Ashley
who didn’t realize sriracha could
be so yummy

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