Transformation Tuesday: Travis in Training, Week One


Travis in Training 

(If you are offended by a topless man, please turn back now.)

Day 1 of a Two Month Goal – Height 6’ 1” – Weight: 278

before pic 2I consider myself athletic. I’m pretty quick and fast for my size and decently strong. (Not trying to win any powerlifting contests, but strong enough.)

Let me first say this:

–   Nobody asked me to do this.

  • I’m not really sure this is such a good idea.
  • I don’t take my shirt off in public. (that often)
  • Hopefully people learn or like something about this adventure.
  • I’m not selling anything.
  • I am doing this for me, but want to share with you.

Warrior Dash Oklahoma is on the horizon. Here I sit just a couple pounds shy of my heaviest ever. I know muscle weighs more than fat and blah blah blah, but something tells me I have some fat that can go.

Let me break it down for you.

2001 – Graduated High School    Weight: 252

2003 – Married my wonderful wife  Weight: 265

2005 – Heaviest  Weight: 282

2006 – “Got in shape” Weight: 239 (lasted two days before a 7 day vacation)

2011 – Weight: 247

2013 – Weight: 257

Today: Weight: 278

Before pic 1Pros:
I’m great at participating in athletic activities. I like the gym. I don’t hate running.

I eat too much. I eat late at night. Candy is delicious. Caffeine is a drug.

Now that you have my fat/fitness resume, here is the point. I am attempting to run this 3.2 mile adventure race in about 60 days. My goal is to eat healthier (as best I can), work out with purpose and get proper rest to see what changes take place between now and then.

My Goals: 

Drop 20-25 lbs.
Reduce my mile time each week.
Be healthier.

I appreciate any encouragement, keep the hateful comments to a minimum and follow me over the next couple months. Thanks! (Special thanks to my wife, whom I have kept completely in the dark about this until now.)

-MCM Staffer Travis Peck 


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