Transformation Tuesday: Travis in Training, Week 3

Week 3 – Not terrible news
moreclaremore tank topHere we are, week 3, and I am down a couple more pounds. Literally a couple, 2 lbs.
They say slow and steady wins the race, but I don’t think they mean a real race because fast and steady seems like the obvious way to go.
Here are some of the facts from this week:
– I stuck with my early morning basketball games and they seem to be working better than anything else.
  • I also increased my veggie, fruit and salad intake.
  • Late night eating continues to be my biggest struggle. Maybe I should go to bed at 8 and get up at 4. (Unlikely.)
  • I had fast food, more than once, and not the salad, the chicken fingers.
veggies and fruitNot to burry the lead here, but I normally wear between a 36 and a 40 inch waist in jeans. (More often than not, it has been the 40s over the last several years.) I am proud to say that I am currently in the 38s and can both function, sit down and breathe.
I guess a lot of people noticed my super sweaty picture from last week, so I thought I would class it up a bit this week with my new moreClaremore tank top and my red shoes.
(Thank goodness for the giant selfie mirror at work.)
In closing, I don’t know what you do for your day to day routine, but I have a couple buddies that have been crushing it over the last several months and their progress is providing much needed inspiration. One lives here and another in California. They are both down 50lbs and make being healthy look good.  I’m not saying I will lose 50lbs, but I wouldn’t mind being 6’1 228.
Thanks Jake Krumwiede and John Collins for the added inspiration.
See you next week, people. 38 days until Warrior Dash. Guess I should run this week!
-MCM Staffer Travis

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