Travis in Training: Week 4

Transformation Tuesday Week 4
The week the wheels fell off. The week started fine and then Thursday, St. Paddy’s day, hit and all bets were off. I skipped the gym that morning (did I mention it was also spring break) and didn’t bother eating better that day. In fact, after enjoying the Claremore festivities at lunchtime we headed to downtown Tulsa. I proceeded to drink/eat all of the things.
It was a great night and I wouldn’t trade it, but maybe a few less appetizers and a couple more green beers for balance might have been a better choice.
As we wrapped up spring break the weekend just kept lending itself to fast food. Turns out you can indeed eat yourself stupid. Here is the point: I was bad and now this week I will be better.
pecksI know there are people out there that struggle with eating. My wife, bless her heart, made the statement, “Just don’t eat after dinner.” She is the love of my life and I would do anything for her, but she comes from skinny people and is herself a healthy skinny person. She doesn’t understand the struggle and that’s okay.
All that said, she is right. It is about balance, not starving and gorging. Despite all of my faltering this past week I managed three hours of basketball on Saturday and coached a little lacrosse on Sunday. (Yelling burns calories I think.)
Here are the stats:
4 Weeks Ago: Weight 278
Current: Weight 269
Math majors help me out, but that seems like 2.25 pounds a week. I’ll take it. If I do that for another 15 weeks I would drop another 33.75 lbs putting me at 235. Goals people, goals.

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