Transformation Tuesday: Travis in Training, Week 5

travis tennis
No weight lost, none gained. (268.8)
This number goes from 267-271 depending on the time of day, level of exercise, etc. They call it water weight. (I sweat like I’ve been running a marathon in a fur coat.)
I have high hopes for this week. No holidays that encourage drinking or eating in excess and nothing keeping me from working out. Got a solid 3 hours of tennis played last Friday and a couple hours of hoop today. Again, the easy part.
Sidebar: I played tennis with my 12-year old son and he is better than ever. His quickness is improving and his exceptional hand-eye coordination has only increased. Long story short, Preston def. Travis 7-6. (I might have let up slightly at the end, but he took full advantage.)
Eating is still the struggle, but it is improving.
sweat basketballI don’t want to focus entirely on the scale, but it does seem like a pretty good gauge. I have increased my fitness level; better breathing and greater endurance. I have cut down my extra eating at night and with the huge exception of Easter candy, the sugar intake is down.
I am going to focus on drinking more water this week and up-ing my healthy choices. The goal is to stay in the 260s for three days in a row, water weight and all. I’ve got this.
Less than a month until the Warrior Dash, guess I should run this week. Maybe not. I’ll let you know. I asked the Magic 8 ball and it said ‘Outlook not so good’. Maybe next week.
Happy working out, everyone.

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