Claremore Library has Magical Selections for Young Adults


If you like magic, time travel, and romance, then Old Magic by Marianne Curley is the book to read this April! When Jarrod Thornton moves to town, Kate Warren knows there is something strange about him. Her suspicions are confirmed when Jarrod is bullied and he produces a thunderstorm in the classroom. Jarrod refuses to acknowledge magic exists, but Kate, who practices it, knows it’s real. Kate implores Jarrod to learn to control his powers, but Jarrod only scoffs. When his powers start spiraling out of control, Jarrod finally realizes the ancient curse on his family is real. With help from Kate’s aunt, Jarrod and Kate travel back in time to try and stop Jarrod’s ancestor from having the curse placed upon the family. Will they succeed?

Need a good historical fiction eBook to read? Try Jennifer Armstrong’s Becoming Mary Mehan. This eBook edition combines the two Mary Mehan books, The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan and Mary Mehan Awake. The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan is set during the American Civil War. In this book, Mairhe and her family are Irish immigrants trying to survive in a country warring with itself. Mary Mehan Awake picks up after the Civil War has ended. Mary has relocated to work in the country for an older couple. While there, Mary relearns how to live without the war constantly threatening everything she holds dear and begins to heal with the help of her employers and friends.

You can find Old Magic in the Young Adult section of the library and you can checkout Becoming Mary Mehan when you log into your Overdrive account!


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