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Larami Burge of Claremore has a plea for all of you kind and generous people. She is following her heart all the way to the Marshall Islands (if you don’t know where those are, keep reading!) to be a teacher in an underdeveloped area. Larami is a certified teacher and is currently finishing her Master’s in Library Science. She has written a letter that she would like to share. Read on, Claremore! This is a great cause!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” These words by Winston Churchill perfectly sum up why I’m writing to you today. I’m humbly asking you to please give to support a new adventure I’m pursuing, an opportunity to give back and take the next step in life.

I’m dedicating the next year to teaching, in a volunteer capacity, in the Marshall Islands. 
When I first shared with my mom my desire to teach, particularly in another part of the world, her first questions were simple: “Where in the world are the Marshall Islands? Why would you want to do that?” Thanks for the vote of confidence and support, Mom. But in all seriousness, those are valid questions and I’m certain you are wondering the same.
The Marshall Islands are located in the central Pacific Ocean, about 2000 miles from Hawaii. Because this is such a tiny nation, made up of numerous individual islands, their education system is significantly challenged to recruit and retain capable teachers. I feel called to respond, and I believe my life experience thus far has been preparing me for this move.
I’m partnering with an organization called WorldTeach, which will help connect me with a local family to live with, train me and be there as a strong foundation of support during my year abroad. WorldTeach has been making a difference in the education arena for many years and the organization’s mission and vision are very unique. As much as they care about providing sound teachers for students in need, they all care about the volunteer’s experience. That’s what makes this organization so unique and worthy of dedicating the next year of my life to.
First, and most importantly, I would covet your prayers. I will be immediately absorbed into a new culture and want to respond in such a way that is honoring to those I’m meeting. Please pray that I am given the words to say, the posture to assume, to reach people in this nation.
Because the organization and project is based on volunteers, I must fundraise to pay for my expenses while I’m away for the next year. I need to raise $6,500 by June 30 to meet my goal.
This is not about me; this is about an opportunity to give back to others. I truly feel this is a higher calling in my life and am responding in faith that the financial needs will be met.
Would you please consider donating? A contribution of $100, $50 or $25 would be spectacular and really go a long way to helping me reach my goal. Of course, I appreciate a contribution of any amount no matter how small.
I’ve set up an easy way for you to give. You can give right now at and it is tax deductible!
I want to stay in touch! I will have intermittent email access and would appreciate your notes of encouragement and hilarious dog memes sent to
I am so honored by your investment in my life. I would not be in a position to serve without you and I’m confident the resources will be made available for me to answer this call.
Also, I promise to bring you back a piece of the beach!
Larami Burge

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