Mystery and Magic Abound at the Claremore Library!

Need a good Sherlock Holmes mystery while waiting for Sherlock to come back in 2017? A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro is a great read to get you ready for the fourth season of Sherlock. In Cavallaro’s novel, Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson are descendants of the original detective and his loyal partner. When a classmate is murdered at their boarding school, Charlotte and Jamie set out to solve the case. Will they find the murderer in time or will Charlotte and Jamie become the next victims? You can find this book at the Will Rogers Library in the New Young Adult section or on the Overdrive app as an eBook.

fairytaleFairy Tale by Cyn Balog is a magical story which follows Morgan and Cam. Friends since birth, Morgan and Cam are an inseparable couple. A week before their joint sweet sixteen party, Cam begins to change. He starts to shrink, grow wings, and develop special powers. When Pip, Cam’s sickly cousin, arrives he tells them Cam is a fairy prince who was switched with Pip at birth and that Cam must go back to the Otherworld on his sixteenth birthday to claim the throne. Morgan sets out to find a way to keep Cam in the human world, but she quickly realizes she will have to sacrifice Pip’s chance at a normal life to keep Cam with her. Find out what Morgan decides to do by checking this eBook out on the Overdrive app!

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