Claremore Chick-fil-A Update

We have all been waiting impatiently for news of WHEN Chick-fil-A will be open in Claremore. (Well, most of us, anyway.)
The original plan was to begin construction at the end of this summer. The crew from Chick-fil-A has been busy the past few months working on the boring building stuff…alta survey, geotechnical study, storm drainage solutions, all that jazz. They plan to submit their plans to the City of Claremore by the end of June, and will begin the permitting process in July.
All that being said, construction will begin in the fall. Once that starts, weather permitting, they should open early summer 2017.
Yes, that’s about a two-month delay from the original plan. But hey, think of how good those little chicken sandwiches will taste when they finally get here. Patience, grasshoppers….
Oh, and we’ve gotten this question a lot: “Where will Chick-fil-A be?” It’s going to be in the grassy area in front of the Clermont shopping center, where Cato is. Just south of Pizza Hut.

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