Fleas.. Ticks.. Mosquitoes.. OH MY!


It’s summertime in Oklahoma, and that means lots of heat and tons of bugs, including pesky mosquitoes. 

Here’s a few tips on getting the best mosquito control…
– Empty yard items that may hold standing water such as toys,
dog dishes, planters, etc.  Items such as ponds, bird baths, dog pools and
water dishes- be sure to circulate the water in them at the very least,
every 3-4 days.
– Make sure gutters are draining properly and not holding water.
The Aedes mosquito, which carries the Zika virus, prefers to stay
close to human habitation and can reproduce in as little as an inch
of standing water.

Zoellner Exterminating in Claremore offers several options to help control outside biting pests!
Full yard treatments, and mosquito misting.. take advantage of
recurring or one-time (great just before an outdoor special event) services.

Zoellner charges just $50 for your first time mosquito misting service! Give it a try; they feel that you’ll be so impressed, you’ll want to do it regularly and take back control of your yard. Protect your pets! The bite of just
one mosquito infected with the heartworm larvae can give your dog heartworm disease.

June is also the time of year Zoellner sees an increase in flea calls.
– Vacuum regularly, be sure to empty the vacuum bag into a trash bag,
seal it and get it out of the house after each use.
– Consult your veterinarian and have your pets treated regularly for fleas & ticks.


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