Private Childbirth Education Classes Now Available in Claremore


You don’t have to go to Tulsa any more for quality childbirth education classes! In fact, you can have a one-on-one course in the comfort of your own home. At First Sight Doula Services here in Claremore offers an 8-10 hour course in a 4-part series.

The Your Birth Experience childbirth course is the most comprehensive child birth education for ANY method of birth. “YBE isn’t a coping technique or a method but rather a way to find out exactly how YOU, in your own unique and personal way, can have the best experience during the birth of your child. YBE digs deeper and reveals things about your personality to help you understand your needs and desires AND how to communicate them to your care team. Unlike courses like Bradley or Lamaze that focus on pain management, YBE focuses on YOU. No matter your method of birth; induced or spontaneous, vaginal or abdominal, medicated or non-medicated, YBE is for you.”

Now is the time to sign up. At First Sight Doula Services is offering a $50 discount on all YBE classes if you sign up by January 30th.

Classes can be set up in a group setting, one-on-one in the comfort of your home, or via Skype!
Contact to set up your personalized childbirth education today! Don’t forget to follow At First Sight on facebook to keep up with the latest news.


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