Motivation Monday: Note to Self

Dear Self,
Treat yourself kindly, and ignore whenever there’s any naysaying. Remember your good qualities, strengths, and things that fill you with gratitude… and be sure to CHASE those things that make you happy! When your cup is full, you have MORE to offer others.

Remember that you are worth every ounce of effort. Time spent on bettering yourself is always time well spent. Stretch regularly, do a handstand, and move your precious body with exercise. Fuel yourself with healthy, colorful foods. Go outdoors, get some sunshine, enjoy the flowers and all of God’s beauty. Be confident. Be kind. Love others. Do something that’s outside of your comfort zone. Look for the humor. 

Life is short… Be YOU, and decide that there’s no room for nonsense.

(What would you add to a note to yourself??) 

-by Fitness with Carrie


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