Rules for High School (and Life)

The Internet is full of articles and advice on every subject. I found this blog post by Sandra Stanley called Allie’s Rules for High School. Stanley’s daughter wrote the list for a group of girls that she mentored at her church as they began the torturous exciting memorable formative years of high school. I thought a lot of them were pretty good and apply to anyone, not just freshmen girls. You can read the original blog post HERE. -MCM Staffer Ashley

Surround yourself with people who build you up, not people who tear you down.

Treat your kisses like you have a limited supply.

Guard your heart. Seriously… your heart is precious.

If you’re wondering if you should break up with him, break up with him.

Be nice to your parents. They love you and want the best for you, so if you disagree with them, just realize that they are a lot smarter than you…sorry about it.

If you find yourself lying to your parents/other adults in your life, backtrack and get out of that situation IMMEDIATELY. You are somewhere you do not want to be.

Never be afraid to say no. It’s better to be a wimp than dead.

When you fall on your face, get back up and keep moving (literally and figuratively).

If it’s not classy, don’t do it.

Don’t judge. Even when people are doing things you don’t agree with, show them love.

Pause before you speak… this will prevent a lot of problems.

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