Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense in Claremore

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to get fit, think about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! BJJ Coach Claremore is a school located in Claremore that caters to both kids (ages 9 and up) and adults with nightly group classes.

The school is owned by head instructor RedCloud Anquoe, who has trained extensively with BJJ legend Marcello C. Monteiro. Following the principles of the BJJ great, the school operates under the strict guidelines of the Monteiro curriculum. Co-owner is Larry Pejak, who is also a student at BJJ Coach Claremore.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t as well known in our area, so let’s describe it like this: it’s a self-defense martial art that you can use forever! The knowledge gained is similar to that of high school wrestling. Another way to think of it is as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) without the punching. The goal of the sport is overall health. In fact, the school’s motto is Have Fun and Get Fit!

RedCloud and Larry teach students how to get people in shape. Students are taught the basics, and indulge in rolling and sparring.

If you’re unsure of whether you have the stamina or fitness level, you can sign up for the conditioning program, led by Larry’s wife, Deborah. Deborah is a personal trainer and she gets potential students ready for the rigors of BJJ. Cost and program are tailored to each person, so if you’re interested, give the school a call and tell them you’re interested in the conditioning program.

BJJ Coach Claremore was originally in two other locations in Claremore with RedCloud as the sole owner, but he kept outgrowing his space. In January, he partnered with Larry and they were able to expand to the current location at 603 E. Will Rogers Blvd.

Classes are held from 7p – 9p every Monday – Friday. Students can come as many nights per week as they wish. The cost for adults is $85/month ($75 if you commit to three months), and children are $40. Adults, if you sign up a friend to join with you, the friend gets a month of lessons free! There are no start-up fees, and if you want to just check it out and see if BJJ is for you, come by and take a class for free! And don’t worry about to wear; you can borrow a uniform, or “gi” (pronounced GEE with a hard ‘G.’)

Each two-hour class consists of one hour of instruction, and then one hour of “open mat.” Everyone learns together, so kids and adults work together as teammates.

Private lessons are available from RedCloud, where students can learn at an accelerated pace. Included in the lesson is a DVD of your session for later review. Get one lesson for $90, three for $250, or five for $350.

Also, if you sign up for three months and one private lesson, you’ll get a free rash guard and a discount off your first gi. That’s a $100 value!

Something else that BJJ Coach Claremore is offering is self-defense workshops for women. The first class will be held Friday, June 30, from 8p – 10p. Cost is $10 per person. RedCloud and Larry are both passionate about women having the capability to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics and stay safe, ladies!

If you would like more information on BJJ Coach Claremore or self-defense workshops, please call Larry at 918-671-1215 and be sure to follow the school on Facebook HERE.

-MCM Staffer Ashley,
who’s really excited¬†
to take self-defense

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