Why is a Horse-Drawn Wagon Traveling Through Claremore?

If you spotted a horse-drawn wagon traveling through town today, you probably wondered what you were seeing!

Well, it’s Ray Hascall and his uncle, Bobby Tarver, from Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Bobby’s dream was always to take a trip on horseback to his childhood roots in Missouri, and nephew Ray was happy to oblige. Ray, a self-employed home builder, spent the past winter building their wagon. It’s outfitted with sleeping quarters and an outdoor shower.

The men have already made the trek to Collins, Missouri, and are currently heading back to Tecumseh. They travel about 25 miles per day, and have made it about 600 miles so far. Ray said, “Let’s put it like this. The distance that you can travel in a car in one hour? That takes us about three days.” With that math, it means the pair have been on the road for five weeks now. They plan to make it home in about a couple more weeks.

So now you know the answer. They’re traveling on Route 66, just to say they’ve experienced it. Feel free to wave! (Don’t honk…that would spook their horses.)

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